Things to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Recoleta – An upmarket bario which took its name after Barefoot Recoletos Monks that made this area thier home in the early 1700s. There is a lot of French influences which are reflected in the architecture such as the Palais de Glace. Visitors are drawn to a number of museums, art galleries, cultural centers and sculptures and monuments that commemorate key figures and influences in Argentine history. La Recoleta cemetery is the main attraction for many visitors visiting the bario.

La Boca – This is the classic place that all the tourists flock to. The buildings are tiny and thin, painted in odd, bright colors, seemingly randomly selected. The story is that this area, being by the docks was used by new immigrants. The colors were used from discarded paint from the ships they arrived on. La Boca, as football fans recognize, is the home of Boca Juniors, one of the great teams in this football crazed country. Grab an outside table in a local cafe and enjoy a masterful tango performance by a couple of beautiful dancers and an old man accompanying them with his guitar.

Palermo – is one of the upscale neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. It’s a diverse area with many sights to see from the Botanical Gardens, Planetarium, various statues and monuments, many restaurants, shops and parks.

Plaza de Mayo – This beautiful and gracious square in the middle of Buenos Aires has everything a tourist is looking for when visiting this big city. The National Cathedral, the Casa Rosada and various cafes and restaurants line this square. Entrance to the cathedral is free but a donation is accepted as for la Casa Rosada, one must have a foreign passport to receive a ticket for entrance to this great palace.

9 de Julio avenue – New York has 5th Ave, Paris has the Champs Elysees, and Buenos Aires has the 9th of July avenue. It is wonderful, large, and crowded. With some 6 lanes each way, it makes it the world’s widest avenue. Take the time to walk along a portion of the avenue – it is lined with restaurant, hotels, and some very interesting shops!

Retiro – In the Plaza San Martin I, across from Retiro Station, stands a sad monument to the hundreds of soldiers who died for the vanity of a failed dictator. This is the monument to the war dead form the short war over the Islas Malvinas or Falkland Islands (April – June 1982).

El Obelisco – Designed after the Washington Monument or ancient Egypt (depending upon whom you read) El Obelisco was built in only 31 days in 1936.

Florida Street runs the lengh of about a mile from Plaza San Martin to Avenida de Mayo and it is here where one can find hundreds of stores to choose from. Whether you are looking for clothing, shoes, handbags, leather goods as well as places to eat, you will definitely find it on Florida Street. The famous Gallerias Pacifico is also located on Florida Street as well as a few other smaller department stores.

Tango – Argentine tango has been thrilling dancers for more than 100 years. Tango is loved by dancers and audiences for its beauty, passion, drama and excitement. Here is a short list of tango shows, please check the prices and ticket availability – 1) Mr. Tango: The best show. The stage is very big, You will see several horses on it! If you can afford it, just go for it, you will not regret it ($35 – $230). 2) Esquina Carlos Gardel: amazing as well. The show is located in an old theatre ($80 – $230). 3) El Viejo Almacen: this is the most similar to the real tango that you will see. It is a very old building and this is the most traditional show ($60 – $140).

San Telmo – is one of the most fun filled bario’s in Buenos Aires. San Telmo has an antiguo and bohemian feel to it with its traditional architecture and this is where you can enjoy people watching at the many bars, cafes and restaurants in the area. You can watch the free tango and milonga at the Plaza Dorrego, San Telmo’s main square. San Telmo is famous for the Feria de San Telmo, an antiques market, that is held on Sundays.

El Tigre – This is one of the attractive neighborhoods of Buenos Aires located along the river banks. Catch a river boat cruise (1 – 2 hours), which will take you around dozens of picturesque islands full of nicely appointed villas and gardens.

Estancia Santa Susana – This is your chance to see the Argentine gauchos and taste their traditional BBQ meats. Keep in mind – you will have to drive about 70 km outside Buenos Aires and join dozens of tourists arriving on large coaches from the city.

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