Impressions of Morocco

Once again, LenkaTraveler invites a group of traveling friends on an exotic voyage far away from home. This time the group of 19 people from N. America and Europe celebrates the New Year (2018 – 2019) in a desert camp in Sahara and visits Morocco’s most interesting and picturesque locations. Toward the end of the trip, the travelers offered the following thoughts when asked about what surprised them about the country, which most of them had visited for the first time:
  • Peaceful co-existence of different peoples, tribes, cultures and religions.
  • Extremely friendly and welcoming people.
  • Respect of the long history of Jews in Morocco. Very positive and understanding take on the Jewish massive emigration to Israel in 1960’s and a seemingly genuine desire for them to return to Morocco.
  • A very crowded liquor store in Fes, despite the traditional ban on alcohol in the very traditional Muslim culture.
  • A long, complicated and rich history of the Arab / Berber (Amazigh) conquest of the Iberian peninsula and later repatriation to N. Africa.
  • Beautiful landscape, villages and ruined castles along the roads.
  • Very similar dishes repeated from one location to another, even though our journey had taken us almost 2,500 km around the country.
  • A freezing Sahara Desert experienced on the New Year’s night, and an exotic camel ride to the luxury desert camp.
  • A very festive and unusual New Year’s celebration in the Sahara camp.
  • The unforgettable color of the sand dunes at sunset and sunrise.
  • Long drives from place to place.
  • The coastal town of Essaouira – a very beautiful and different from other places in Morocco.
Last (but not least!) many thanks to Said Azroual of Real Morocco Tours for helping LenkaTraveler to organize and conduct the successful, safe and enjoyable adventure. Click HERE to view the best photo’s from the 2018 – 2019 trip to Morocco.

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