Getting sick in Italy

No one wants to get sick, especially away from home, but it does happen! Our 26 year old son (the one who lives in Rome) has gotten a bad cold and was having hard time breathing. Today he went to the local ER and had received a whole battery of tests, an x-ray, MD evaluation, an antibiotic shot in the rear, a breathing therapy, and bunch of prescriptions. The total cost for that service? Big fat ZERO. Wait, he did have to show his US passport and spend a few hours going from one procedure to another. The similar service in the States would cost $1000 or more. Someone in Italy has to pick up his tab!

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One thought on “Getting sick in Italy

  1. I have heard about nationalized health care , but I thought it was only for the nationals. Let’s see what happens with Obamas health care. I’m glad your son is ok.

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