Another brick in the wall…

It has been unforgivably long time since I went to a rock concert. It has also been awhile since Mr. Roger Waters, of the Pink Floyd fame, had performed in LA – more than 30 years in fact. Our paths had crossed again on Nov 30, 2010 and by pure chance we ended up staring at each other from a distance of just 20 meters, which separated me from the stage! It is impossible to describe the performance of this 67 year old man and his group. The sound, the music, the special effects were so amazing that for more than 2 hours the audience was transported into a different world, far away from the Staples Center and their stressed out lives of the 21st century. Although, maybe not… The concert’s themes were pointedly anti-war and anti-establishment, which seemed to resonate very well in the today’s world. The constantly growing Wall on the stage was showing images of the murdered soldiers, civilians, journalists, and activists during the current and past conflicts all over our planet. These portraits were being bombarded and shredded into pieces by various icons of power (new and old): swastikas, hammer-and-sickles, dollar signs, religious symbols, etc. The message was unmistakable – “Humans! Stop killing each other!” And so we left the Staples Center feeling shell shocked, slightly deaf and fully determined to be better, kinder, considerate and… attend the rock concerts more often!

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2 thoughts on “Another brick in the wall…

  1. Reminds me of the russian saying – “there will be such a struggle for world peace that there will be no stone left unturned”
    I would probably come out with a feeling needing to arm myself to the teeth….

    Let us know how you managed to get the tickets and keep us posted on any future events (Tanya subscribes to Goldstar service and we occasionally manage to get theater tickets at a reduced rate)

    Our best,
    Simon & Tanya

  2. Simon, thanks for the comment. You’re not alone in your desire to arm yourself – there’s a skyrocketing increase in the sales of guns and ammo across the “land of the free and home of the brave”.

    We’ve gotten these great tickets by pure chance – a friend could not make the show! However, we discovered that it pays to wait until the last minute to buy the tickets. The advanced sale price was ~ $300, but the same seats went for ~ $160 on the show date sold by the same ticket agency.

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