Gorilla’s in the Mist and Great Migration

It is time to plan for the new adventure by LenkaTraveler.

For years I’ve been dreaming about tracking mountain gorilla’s in the jungles of East Africa. I also want to see the Great Migration – a legendary movement of thousands of animals across the plains and rivers of Tanzania.

The long wait is over and these dreams will become a reality in August of 2018. Do you want to come along? Here is what you will see and do on this adventure:

Meet Mountain Gorilla’s, Monkeys, Chimps, Baboons – Uganda

We will stay in luxury (and perfectly safe!) lodges, deep in the jungle and rainforest. From there we will take guided walks to see many types of monkeys and baboons. As we watch them, the wild animals will be making their nests, feeding their young and going about their daily routine.

Our wonderful experience with the primates will be just a preview of the main attraction – gorilla tracking. As their name suggests, Mountain Gorilla’s live in the forests covering the mountains of Uganda. Therefore, it will take some time and effort to hike in the hilly jungle and track the animals – we better be in good physical shape! Our success rate to see the wild gorilla’s will be pretty high, thanks to our experienced rangers, who know where the gorilla families will be locate during our hike.

Visit the Lions and Elephants – Uganda

During our stay in one of the National Parks, we will see plenty of lions, elephants and many other animals. We will be driving close to them in spacious LandCruisers as well as observing animals from the waterside during a two-hour boat trip.

Experience the Great Migration – Tanzania

Here is another iconic image of Africa – thousands of wildebeest crossing the plains and rivers of Serengeti. We will experience this amazing event, known as The Great Migration!

The Great Migration
The Great Migration
The Great Migration
The Great Migration

Ngorongoro Crater – Tanzania

Imagine a giant volcano crater with a wall of 2,000 feet high, which surrounds a great plain. More than 30,000 animals live on that plain and they rarely, if ever, leave their home inside the crater. This is the place where we will see lions, leopards, rhino’s, antelopes, hippos,  flamingo, and many other animals and birds.

Ngorongoro – the crater rim
Ngorongoro – the crater floor
Ngorongoro – the crater floor
Ngorongoro – the crater floor

Are you coming?

The last time I took a group to Africa it was the most wonderful experience – all 20 of the group members had had amazing time. I expect nothing less from this trip as well. Hope that you decide join me in August of 2018!


Price: about $7,000 per person, double occupancy. The price may fluctuate depending on the number people who will come on this trip and a few other details that still need to be worked out. International airfare and a few other things (post-tour activities, insurance, tips, etc) are not included.

Timeframe: August 2018, the final dates will be finalized soon. The main portion of the trip will take 14 days. I’m thinking about visiting the island of Zanzibar for another 4 days as an option.

International Airfare: I expect that it will cost about $1,500 p/p (economy) to get to and from our African destinations. Your results may vary.

Post-Tour: I’d like to spend a few relaxing days on the Spice Island, also known as Zanzibar. Do you care to join me?

Full itinerary: Still working on it and will publish the final version shortly.

Group Size: I’d like to have 12 people in the group (6 people per one 4×4 vehicle).

Questions: Write / call me ASAP, Phone: +1 818 731 8200 Email: info@lenkatraveler.com


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